Calgary Services

Warehouse & DistributionServices Provided:
• Warehousing
• Order Fulfillment, by piece, case, and pallet selection.
• Order Consolidation
• Small parcel receiving and handling.
• Canada Customs: Clearance Services.
• Pick, Pack Label Operations
• Container unloading.
• Freight consolidation.
• Co-load trans-border services
• Cross dock and Trans load services
• Storage.

 Distribution and Consolidation
o Delivery service to Airlines
o Delivery Service to Customers
o Container De-stuffing
o Consolidation and Deconsolidation
o Pick, Sort, Load Freight

CFS Services Export
o Receiving and sorting of air export cargo
o Providing check-in sheets with weight and dimensions
o Transfers to all carriers in Calgary area

o In-Bond Transfers from all local carriers
o Notification of cargo on-hand
o Deconsolidation
o Short or long term storage
o Notifications of Customs Clearances

At Phoenix Warehouse and Distribution, we are designated to function as a Customs Bonded Warehouse facility under the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The Customs Bonded Warehouse facility is licensed and regulated by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and its respective partners. Goods in a Customs Bonded Warehouse are considered to be imported into Canada but have not been released from customs. Imported and domestic goods destined for export may be placed in a Customs Bonded Warehouse while in due process.

Benefits of Custom Bonded Warehouse Services
• Private and public warehouse facility that is operated by Phoenix Warehouse and Distribution and authorized individual(s) appointed by the Canada Border Services Agency for the storage of goods imported by various importers.
• Importers of goods into Canada who wish to defer, with some exceptions for up to four years, the payment of duties until the goods are released for Canadian consumption.
• Consolidate imported and domestic goods for export.
• Perform the operations of goods that do not change the conditions of the goods.
• Import goods temporarily for display at conventions, exhibitions or trade shows.

Functions allowed in the Custom Bonded Warehouse
• Disassembling or reassembling the goods, if they have been assembled or disassembled for packing, handling or transport.
• Displaying, inspecting, labelling, packing, storing or testing the goods.
• Removing a small sample of the goods to solicit orders for goods or services.
• Cleaning, diluting, maintaining, servicing, preserving, separating defective goods, sorting or grading, trimming, filing, slitting, cutting, and complying with any applicable law of Canada or a province, as long as the characteristics of the goods are not materially altered.

Warehouse Security
• Full Coverage Fire Sprinkler Protection System.
• Highly Secure with 24/7 Electronic Gate Entry System.
• Real-time State of the Art Computerized Alarm and 24/7 Video Surveillance System.
• Every Item Moved In or Out is Inventoried and Recorded.
• Climate, moisture, dust and pest controlled.

Crating Services Provided
• We work closely with a crating company that is approved for participation in the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP). This means that their services comply with all international standards and specifications.
They are able to provide all Palletizing, Crating and Re-packaging Services required.
• We can therefore assist you with:
• Collection of orders from clients
• Delivery to packaging company
• Collection of the orders and deliver to the local carriers